Romanian landscapes

I have finally managed to select a few of the landscape pictures from the week in Romania. The landscapes were overwhelming in may ways and it is not easy to give a good impression in small pictures, not even if you take hundreds…

(Earlier images from Romania here, here and here.)

Rodna mountains, Maramures, near Prislop pass
Here we visited a summer farm next to (possibly inside) a national park.


Landscape around Botiza, Maramures
Botiza is a rather large village (more than 2000 inhabitants) situated in a valley in Maramures. Close to the village we saw hay meadows and small arable fields next to and into each other, as well as pasture fields with grazing cows. Somewhat further there were more pastures, but also meadows, reserve meadows and meadows that seemed to be abandoned.


Landscape in Marisel, county of Cluj
Unlike Botiza, Marisel is situated on a high plateau in between deep valleys. The valleys are heavily forested, but the plateau is almost completely taken up by meadows, pastures and arable land. The village is rather spread out. We were (photographically) very lucky with the weather and had great sunsets and sunrises, as well as an interesting thunderstorm.

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