A week in Romania: Botiza and Marisel

I have just returned from a great week in Transsylvania, Romania. I was on a field course organised by the Swedish Biodiversity Centre to look at the traditional rural landscapes around the villages of Botiza in Maramures and Marisel in the district of Cluj. It was a week full of impressions.

Morning in Marisel.

People of Botiza, the Rodna mountains and Marisel
Since most of the landscapes we enjoyed during the week were made by man (with the help of cattle, horses and sheep), it seems only right to start with a few portraits of some of the friendly people we met.


Street life in Botiza


Market in Dragomiresti
Every Monday there is a market in Dragomiresti close to Botiza where you can buy cattle, horses, sheep, clothes, cheese, shoes, fruit, grain and a whole lot more.

This is all so far, but there is more to come: pictures of the landscapes of Botiza and Marisel, people at work, houses, plants, butterflies and of course a few frogs. And then some more.

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  1. Tommy Lennartsson says:

    Fina bilder och kul att du fotat så mycket människor!
    Vi hörs, Tommy

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